Ombre Wall

Repurposed Bookshelf 

Empty corner? Put a rod there for that week's outfits!

A much better looking detergent dispenser than that ugly   plastic bottle. (Use a drink dispenser)

Stenciled Washer and Dryer

Pallet Pot Rack

Sew old doilies together to make a cute vintage table runner!

Great for the Fall!

Glue Pearls to Styrofoam

Spoon Candelabra

A Touch of Vintage Buttons for the Mantle Piece

Burlap under a nice frame. Use a dry-erase marker on the glass.

Easy DIY for a bracelet holder!

Pretty DIY Wax Lumiere

Tribal Outlet Plate

DIY sand bowls:  sand and glue dripped over a bowl until it hardens.
Perfect for holding your summer seashell collection!

Paint Swatch Wall

Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over it.
This makes a stunning bathroom floor.

Vintage doorknob handles turned to jewelry hanger!

Slide Lamp Shade: Brilliant

Small mirror tiles glued to fishing line with lights behind. 

Crochet around rope light to make outdoor floor mat!

Rock Backsplash 

Coffee table made out of crates (available at any craft store)

Cheap Target tables, a stencil, and spray paint

Make your own wall decor.

Paint-stick mirror

Cut the sleeve off of an old sweater and you have a cuff without the bunch up.

Cut and reweave the back of a shirt.

Cut the shorts, dip them in bleach, and use fabric paint or pen for the pattern.

Colorful dip-dyed business cards

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